Avian Muse

30’X 20’X 10′
Aluminum, paint
$12,978 commission; Martin County Public Art Program
Robert Morgade Library; Stuart, Florida

My aim in designing Avian Muse was to create a mobile that worked with the architectural features of the lobby of the Robert Morgade Library, while abstractly representing the bird life of Martin County, Florida. In the design one can easily see feathers, eggs, wings, and nests. I hope that viewers may also sense the gestural qualities relating to birds–like the graceful swoops and gliding arcs of birds’ flight. The color combinations are derived from birds that one might find in Martin County–Cardinal, Ruby-crested Kinglet, Robin, Purple Gallinule, Roseate Spoonbill, Scrub Jay, Mallard, American Kestrel, and Painted Bunting.