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Wait! Before you go, don't you want to bookmark my web site so you can come back to see the rest? (If so, go back to my home page and bookmark it.) If you are ready to move on, here are some interesting sites:

More About Sculpture

The International Sculpture Center offers an excellent overview of contemporary sculpture plus opportunity listings for sculptors.

The Sculpture Center in Ohio also offers general information on sculpture and includes "Sculptor's Forum" a bulletin board for questions about sculpture and sculptors.

Western North Carolina Artists On The Internet

Martin Webster's sculptures are inspired by the natural rhythms of geological and biological forms.  He works in cement and other materials.

Stefan Bonitz (Steebo Design) is an Asheville sculptor working in steel to create a wide range of sculptures from whimsical figurative pieces to elegant abstract pieces.

John Payne created moving dinosaur skeletons and more in steel.  Asheville misses him!

Ann Vaslik uses water colors to paint urban scenes, still lifes, and more.

The Blue Ridge Web Market features a variety of products available from Western North Carolina including the work of many artists and craftspeople.


See a range of work from sculptors living in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia at Tri-State Sculptors.

Walter Arnold creates gargoyles and more in stone.

Looking for whimsical kinetic sculptures? Don't miss David Roy's work.

If you are intrigued by my mobiles, but want something more in the style of Alexander Calder, check out Rick Bissell's mobiles and stabiles at The Mobile Factory.

Regional Arts

Find out about the North Carolina and South Carolina arts scene through Carolina Arts (the online version of the newspaper by the same name).

Visit the Asheville Art Museum online.

Links to various Asheville area arts sites: www.asheville.com/community/arts.html

See what's happening in Greenville, SC at greenvillesouth.com/art.html.


For an intelligent, non-partisan perspective on the political hype and spin to which we are all subjected on a daily basis, visit FactCheck.org.

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