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18"X 27"X 27"
brushed aluminum, swivels or ball chain
(edition of 25)
$150 in standard brushed finish - just one remaining 11/27/18
$165 in color (sold out)

Cascade is similar in style to Zephyr, but constructed of aluminum rather than wood. In designing Cascade I put a particular emphasis on making the pieces nearly touch adjacent pieces as they rotate.

View 1 (with swivel connectors)

View 2 (with ball chain connectors)

This mobile is available with two types of connectors--swivels or ball chain (rather than nylon cord, which I use on my wooden mobiles). Both types of connectors allow the pieces to rotate continually in one direction without needing to unwind (as with nylon cord). The swivels look kind of like a bead between each piece.  The ball chain connectors are more minimal.  I recommend the swivels unless you really like the ball chain, because the ball chain requires careful handling to avoid breakage.  

Close-up view of swivel connectors

Cascade in color

I have begun making the Cascade design in colors.  The colors are subtle--more like a stain than a paint.  The swirls of the brushed aluminum are still visible through the colors.  I don't advise the color version for direct sunlight; I am not sure how well the pigments will hold up in that setting.  You may request a particular color combination.


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