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20'X 10'X 10'
wood, polyester cord, aluminum

Private commission; Asheville, NC

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I created Ginkgo to fit an unusual architectural space. The home has a combined living room, dining room, and kitchen with a 24' cathedral ceiling. A 10' X 10' atrium extends upward from the center of the cathedral ceiling to a 32' ceiling directly over the dining room table.

Since the view is primarily upward, I oriented the pieces horizontally. The tensioned cords of each piece create a sense of surface, while allowing viewers to see through to the next piece. The cords create a variety of patterns and shadows as the pieces rotate. From the center of each piece a brushed aluminum vane extends downward catching air movement and reflecting light.

The bottom piece provides a focal point and a measure of the movement of the upper pieces. It is constructed of cherry and brushed aluminum like the upper pieces and it contains curves relating to the curved aluminum vanes of the upper pieces, yet it is a very different, contrasting form.

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This is a computer rendering I created in designing Ginkgo

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