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Neptunian Frolic

8 1/2' X 6' X 4'
$6,900 (sold)

Permanently installed at the Brevard County Health Department Clinic in Tutusville, FL (not the location pictured)

See Artist's Statement below.

Neptunian Frolic
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I designed Neptunian Frolic in a CAD program (Rhino). The animation below is derived from that CAD design. It may take a while to load, but then it should rotate once every seven seconds.

Neptunian Frolic--rotating

Artist's Statement

Neptunian Frolic is an arrangement of three abstract forms suggesting animals from the deep sea. For as long as I can remember, animals that live in the water have intrigued me. I suppose my interest stems from my enjoyment of swimming and my imagined sense of swimming like a porpoise, a fish, an otter or some other animal. I love going to large aquariums and watching fish and other animals swimming. Their streamlined shapes are beautiful. Their movements are like dance.

As the sculpture's name implies, I intended for Neptunian Frolic to have a playful quality. Many water animals seem to have moments of playing--porpoises riding the wake of a boat, otters twirling in the water, whales breaching. Perhaps it is simply a human projection, but, none-the-less, it feeds the imagination. Who has not pretended to be a fish at some time? When we swim we are unbound by gravity, free to move in three dimensions.

Neptunian Frolic is constructed of pigmented, fiberglass-reinforced cement applied to an armature of steel rod and wire mesh.

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