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Sixteen Years Old

oil paint on canvas

This painting (created at age 27) is a reflection on my high school years. I spent a lot of time reading my old journals as I wrote the poem which is scratched into the surface. See the poem below.

Sixteen Years Old
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View 2--Detail

Text from: Sixteen Years Old

I'm sixteen years old
pressed into a nonsense world
too much pretense
too much mindless conformity
too much plastic, concrete, steel
I want things to be simpler

I swim

Where will I fit into this world?
Surrounded by my parents answers
it's hard to find my own
I push away

I swim my anger

I want someone to understand me
to listen, to be close
I want to be held
but sex is scary
I'm lonely
I want things to be simpler

I swim fast

and wonder-
can I scream underwater
without anyone hearing?

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