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Window Installation

The World Gallery; Asheville, North Carolina
8'X 20'X 5'
mannequins, clothing, lights

Window Installation
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Hey . . . .  Hey you, listen, I need a little help.  Iíve got to get out of here.  This place isnít for me.  I mean I didnít choose to be here.  I was working in a respectable clothing store and this artist guy came in and KIDNAPPED me.  Thatís right, I didnít have a thing to say about it.  He just took me out of the store, put these . . . THINGS on me, and stuck me in the window.  How do you think I feel about it????  Iíll tell you how I feel.  I feel humiliated.  I feel like some kind of clown or something.

Listen, maybe you could just talk with the people who run this gallery.  Itís not a big deal; just explain to themóIím not art . . . IíM A MANNEQUIN!  Theyíll understand; surely they care about their reputation.  I mean art is pretty.  Art is something you can buy and put on your kitchen wall to make the place feel more homey.  Iím not art; just look at me.  ANYONE could do THIS.

Hey, Iíve got better things to do.  I could be selling clothes; maybe a hat or some shoes.  This is EMBARRASSING.  There must be something you can do.  Oh, I know, call the mayorís office.  Yeah, call them and tell them this display is obscene; that will work.  They help out with situations like this.

Oh, I look like an idiot!  This is a real nightmare.  Why canít this guy just paint some flowers or something?  If he had any talent maybe he would carve a sculpture in marble, you know, like some cute guy throwing a discus or something.  Thatís what they have in museums.

Listen, I donít think I can take this much longer.  Please help me.  OK, hereís another idea:  you could carry a petition around to all the local business owners.  This kind of stuff probably hurts their business.  I bet theyíll do something. SOMEone has to do SOMEthing.  Itís probably clear to everyone except this weirdo artist that Iím not art.  I mean, just look, Iím talking to you.  Iím talking to you in a cartoon bubble!  Art is quiet.  Art doesnít talk.


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