Chekhov’s Window

16.5″x 26″x 9″
Private Commission

Chekhov’s Window was an unusual commission for me.  A private collector asked me to create a custom grate for the air return of his HVAC system.  The most straight-forward approach would have been to design a flat grate, but as I thought about the open space behind the grate, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to expand the grate into a three dimensional form.  It effectively created new space in his house.

The collector’s life has revolved around theater.  As we discussed design options, he mentioned that Chekhov is one of his favorite playwrights, and  Chekhov made numerous references to windows and trees.  As I played with various design options, I was also thinking of  the recessed space as being like a stage, with the frame suggesting pulled-back curtains.  The swirling, receding form suggests the power of theater to pull the audience into an alternate world.