Ghost Train

12’x 10’x 200′
Powder-coated steel, optical elements
Public commission
New River Trial State Park; near Pulaski, Va.

Ghost Train consists of five sign-like pieces and two telescopes placed at 25′ intervals along the trail which runs through the New River Trail State Park. As park visitors pass by they see abstract shapes in the signs. When they stop to look through the telescopes they see the silhouette of a locomotive from one end and the silhouette of a caboose from the other end. The trail was made from an abandoned railroad.

If you want to visit:
–From I-81, take exit 92 (Draper)
–Follow the signs to the New River Trail State Park (bear right at the school; total distance to parking area: about 1 mile)
–From the parking area, walk or bike 2 miles Northwest along the trail (back toward I-81)
–The sculpture is just past the picnic area near mile post 4

You can also access it from the Pulaski exit, but this is the simplest way.