Harry McDaniel

Sculptor and public artist based in Asheville, NC.

A shift in scale

After working for the past few months on “Braid” (background), I am now back at work on a bronze sculpture (foreground) that I started a year-and-a-half ago.

New Project

After weeks of design work, I am excited to begin fabrication on this sculpture. When completed, it will be 17 feet tall.


As I near completion of this bronze sculpture, it has occurred to me that my process has similarities with games like Wordle — lots of test-fitting of pieces, looking for the combination that draws those pieces into a meaningful whole.

Knoxville Installation

Today, I installed “Lightning Sanctuary” in Krutch Park in Knoxville and picked up “Outer Reach” from McGhee Tyson Airport. I am pleased to participate another year in the sculpture exhibition organized by Dogwood Arts:


Like most artists, I find certain themes, forms, and design elements recur in my work. Today, as I was assembling the next segment of my current project, I realized that I had more-or-less re-created a tiny version of one of the pieces of Intrusion, a sculpture I completed 13 years ago. It was like a visit from an old friend (who had become tiny, and bronze).

Work-In-Progress: bronze sculpture

I started this sculpture a little more than a year ago, but I have set it aside several times for other, more urgent projects. It’s getting closer to the final form, increasingly complex. Stay tuned . . . .

New kinetic sculpture

I installed this sculpture in November. Once spring begins to do its thing, I’ll get some better pictures (and video) and create a page for it.

“Humpty Dumpty” installation

A couple of days ago, I installed “Humpty Dumpty” at its new home near Boone, NC. It is surrounded by great mountain views. The area around the base will be landscaped soon.